Sunday, August 21

The weekend was spent camping with the university posse, which really means it was spent being drunk and/or stoned around the fire at a campsite in rural Ontario. The place was mostly trailer-park, and the tent area resembled more of a field than a forest. Yeehaw! There were almost twenty of us, including Alex, Brian, Eano, Bouche, Mel, deWaard, Laura, Rob... the list goes on. (Media students love blogs, eh?)

There was a pellet gun, dozens of beer cans, many bottles of Stoli, some redbull, and quite a few pairs of denim cut-offs. One of my friends became a nudist for a great part of the trip. (Even though him and I lived together for two years, it was the most of him I had ever seen. Wow.)

Germ-a-phobes would balk at the conditions of how we camped. Cooking was done through using found objects, fingers were stuck in everything, and knives cut food and firewood alike. Really, it's just the most laid-back (and resourceful!) way to camp ever.

Plus, I know it's hard to see, but I was wearing an amazing Chad Micheal Murray tattoo all weekend.