Monday, September 12

frosh week forever.. says the fourth-year

And suddenly I am officially in my last year of university because the fourth Orientation Week I have been part of has ended. This year I was in charge of programming a massive chunk of the frosh festivities and after twelve straight days of not sleeping due to being responsible for just about anything that occured on campus I finally can relax.

But there is one major question I have maintained over the past week: what the fuck is going on with upper-year creepers?

Seriously. There was an obsessive number of older students and townies who took it upon themselves to hangout and dwell on campus all week long. They would try to pull 17-year-old first-year girls into their cars at 2am. Try to sneak into foam parties to be able to grind with the frosh on the dance floor. Do everything possible to lure underage students to their keg parties.

And I don't get it at all. Honestly, my university is the easiest place to get laid- it's not like the upper-year guys are lacking possibilities here.

So really, if you are an older student and you get your kicks through trying to seduce naive, lost frosh, you are just a loser. There's no way around it; you're a bottom feeder on the chain of classy individuals. Oh, and also it leads me to assume you have major sexual problems because you obviously are shunned by anyone with an ounce of experience.

It's simply just pathetic watching twenty-two year old guys trying to get with seventeen year old girls. (And actually, it's also quite scary. Good thing my more mature male friends are good at kicking/wrangling pervert ass when necessary)