Tuesday, September 13

i should have put my camera phone to better use...

AHHH what a Monday night!! I'm not one to name drop but...

...okay I totally am. This is called Paige Six after all, and being home allowed me to take in a tiny bit of the TIFF-style glamorama currently occuring in Toronto. So here's the low down.

The Bloc Party show was last night and I think possibly the majority of all people I know were there. I had the best date ever, which meant I got to wiggle around to the music properly. Okay, maybe I couldn't see much- but I'm short and I've given up trying to see at concerts.

So that's why it became essential to get to the afterparty and, well, we bumped into Kele as soon as we got in. (A thank you to fab friends of friends for getting us listed.)

And then there were some hobbit-ish Elijah Wood sightings and my encounter with K-os en route to the bathroom. He asked me to after-afterparty and I said no, so then he asked for my phone number. K-os had also been at the show (with Jesse from DFA) and he told me he was jealous of my boy. As he should be- because when you're enjoying comp'd vodka-tonics nothing's better than cuddling up with your date on the luxe Drake couches.