Monday, September 26

On Friday morning I was standing in the main hall of the Pelee Island Winery because I was doing a wine tasting with Terra and her family.

It's 11:30am and there I am trying not to fall over because I was more hungover than I have been in a long time. The wine glass in my hand is shaking, but I ignore the dizzy feelings and sample pinot gris after cab merlot after sauvignon...

Friday morning at 8:56 am- Terra is pulling me out of bed because her parents are arriving in two minutes to take us to the winery. I am in pain and also the sloppiest looking person ever.

At 8:02 am I am in my bathrooom trying not to throw-up. I have never thrown-up after a night of drinking before; in fact it is rare for me to ever throw-up. I decide to crawl back into bed and I wonder how I will make it to the winery in less than an hour.

6:04 am. I am curled up around the toilet in the bathroom. I have been there for an hour or so, after I decided sleeping in bed made my room spin too much. I decide that I am now "sober" enough to get off the bathroom floor.

4:20ish on Friday morning (or late Thursday night), Alex and I are rolling around on our hallway floor and laughing uncontrolably about something. Alex finally picks me up off the floor after I declare I am sleeping there, and she tells me not to pass out in the bathroom.

...After last call at the bar: we are headed to a friends house to smoke out of his new bong. I make friends with a girl who has a trampoline, and I promise when I am not so drunk I will come over and do flips on it.

...Before last call: I polish off the last of my multiple $2.50 drinks. I randomly tell a guy that I named my fish after him. He gives me an awkward I-am-not-as-drunk-as-you smile and walks away. I am chasing everyone I know around the bar. When they play 'Daft Punk is Playing at my House' I scream and run onto the dance floor. We have been hopping between bars all night and many drinks have been bought for me.

9:00pm. I don't want to go out because I am not feeling well. However, the new OC ends well and this cheers me up. So I tell my headache to bugger off by drinking three vodka-tonics in a row. Yeehaw!