Friday, October 21

Ashley and her roommate Lindsay have this fab little decorative Pope John Paul plate. It was a random second-hand find, commerating his visit to Toronto for World Youth Day.

Ashley got the plate for such a discount that she likes to point out it would actually be cheaper to eat of the Pope's face than to have ordinary plates. But so far they only have one, and it's on display in their living room.

That is, until it was discovered this week that Pope Plate has become internationally famous, thanks to the Shout Out Louds.

Short version of the story is, the Shout Out Louds wound up at the girls' place after the August show, and now the Pope Plate is up and smiling in the picture section of their website.

I am so proud! I pretty much feel famous by association. Maybe the Pope will have to come to the show with us in November... ha. (At which time, more details will be added to the long version of the story.)