Tuesday, October 25

Do you know what the most perfect term ever is?

Lady Friend.

It's absolutely brilliant. First of all, it perfectly defines that place in-between "girlfriend" and "girl-you're-seeing" while also being open-ended: you can call a girl your "lady friend" and not worry that you're assuming too much about the relationship.

At the same time, it isn't threatening. When a guy drops the gf bomb in a conversation it's pretty annoying. But when a guy says "oh, my lady friend.." it makes you like him even more because he uses such a cute phrase.

The only problem with Lady Friend is that it's gender exclusive. I have been trying since summer to come up with a male equivalent. A phrase which is just as poignant and fitting to describe that guy you're with. BUT THERE IS NOTHING!

Gentleman caller? Ick. Beau? Doesn't exactly slide off the tongue well. Boy? Too pedestrian.

There has to be a solution to this. And whatever it is, I have to find it soon because Lady Friend is being used all over the place. I think The OC even mentioned it maybe.