Monday, October 3

I have finally stumbled across the perfect post-grad option. It came to me last week and then was confirmed last night as I watched Grey's Anatomy.

I want to be a doctor.

Okay, maybe Grey's Anatomy did more than confirm this latest venture- it pretty much inspired it. Television does this to me quite a bit: in grade eleven I took a law class after a weekend marathon of Law and Order. (But after being dissapointed that there was no DUN DUUNNN! soundfile accompanying me everytime I walked in the classroom, I concluded I would rather be a lawyer on TV.)

But seriously. I could technically become a doctor. All you need is to pass your MCATS and get into med school. Plus I heard that med schools are looking to attract more artsy students, so my media studies BA would actually help my chances.

Okay, so maybe I dropped math after grade 10.

And yes, I did almost fail grade 11 chemistry. And I have never even opened a biology textbook.

But I don't freak out about blood. I already know a lot about medicine from my own hypochondriac tendencies. I have a steady hand; I think I could perform surgery. And I cetainly could partake in all the inter-hospital drama that is so key to Grey's Anatomy.

My parents will be so proud.