Monday, October 24

I weekend in Toronto...

I was taken to my very first opera this afternoon. We saw Bizet's Carmen and I have decided that's the best first-opera to see because it features most of the "well known" opera songs. I have been humming many of them all evening, while thinking about being an opera singer.

I didn't agree with the ending of the show, however. I enjoyed the "women can make men do anything" theme that ran throughout the opera, but I didn't think the moral should have been that too much manipulation will make your lover kill you.

But hey, that's just my own conscious shining through.

My father demanded that my date come over for dinner after the show, which is actually not as nervous as it sounds. Because my dad is not one of those scary "go near my two daughters and die" sort of dads. Rather, my sister and I think he runs on more of a "I wish more males were around... please marry my daughters and take care of them so I don't have to, but also make sure to come by and talk about sports, poker, and computers with me" basis.

And tonight was probably the best first-dinner my date could have been to, because it was also my father's birthday which meant happy family and lots of wine. We secretly played footsies under the table throughout the whole dinner. On the bus back to London I had a sweet little post-opera-and-dinner nap without even meaning to fall asleep. What an adorable day!