Friday, October 7

Oh Toronto!

This city makes me so goddamn excitable. Just show me the skyline and I freak out a little bit. Put me in the middle of downtown or on the subway… and I’m done.

I think whoever sits beside me for the bus ride home must always think I am strange. First of all, I spend most of my trip writing sexy tales on my laptop while ADD changing my iPod songs and text messaging half a dozen people. And then, as soon as we hit the Gardiner I am all smiles, stretching to see the CN Tower and grinning like an idiot at the view of downtown.

Toronto makes me feel safe. It’s the buildings: all the skyscrapers, condos, and towers cocoon over me and capture me in their embrace. I gawk at them like a tourist every time I return home, but whatever. I’m just being a good girlfriend to the city. I have to make sure everything is still as I left it.