Sunday, October 2

Western U... oh purple and proud. and partying.

I must say that one of the best things my university does is make up holidays. Or, actually, what we're quite good at is taking special events and celebrating them for days: St. Patty's, April 20th, the first day of class, the last day of class, anyone's birthday... the list is endless.

At least Homecoming is supposed to be an entire weekend long. So today my recovery-haze feels justified. And the fact that the city (and our livingroom) looks like a small tornado passed through was expected. This weekend was the end to a binge that started somewhere in the middle of summer, when "back to London" celebrations began.

Or at least I hope it is. Because I really could use a few weeks to detox, be a good student, and relax before the Halloween-and-end-of-midterms partying starts.