Tuesday, November 1

As though to commerate the first day of November I got my flu-shot this morning. And now my arm is extremely sore but I don't care.. because I love getting vaccinated for the flu.

Okay, perhaps I am weird for liking voluntary needles. However this flu-shot infatuation is not without reason.

First of all, my mother has MS and the last thing I want to do is bring home a virus. She can't get the flu shot because it messes up her immune system, but if she got the flu it would put her in hospital and/or possible become fatal. Obviously, this is the main reason for my pro-needle status: I am around dirty university kids all year- who knows what germs I am carrying around with me? Ew.

The other main reason I rush to get vaccinated is slightly more selfish. I get it because of the after-effects, and I am not just talking about protecting myself from the influenza. No no, I am in love with the healing process.

The actual act of getting a needle is not that painful. If you're scared of it, honestly you're a wuss because it's just a teeny prick. But the real pain comes afterwards: as I write this it's been two hours since I got the shot and my left arm is throbbing. I can't lift anything, I feel like I have a sunburn style rash, and guess what? I am milking this for as much sympathy as I can get.

My roommates are all too aware of my overblown post-needle symptoms. For days I will whine, complain, and frequently mention that I can't lean on my arm or type properly. The pain thing is all true, though- it's not like I am seeking sympathy for a made up injury. My arm HURTS a ton and I need everyone to know it. I also like to relish in the pride of being proactive and responsible by getting my flu-shot so early.

And even though I want to convince everyone reading this to go get vaccinated, I will also note that this year has brought a record amount of fiery, throbbing pain to my arm. I'll be sure keep you all posted as the hurting/healing progresses. Ha.

Oh, and the flu-shot is free if you live in Ontario so at least go get it just to take advantage of that. (Sorry other provinces and countries, I don't know about your health care policies.)