Wednesday, November 30

I tried to learn how to do soduko this week but I have failed miserably and wasted over five hours on two puzzles. I have never been good at puzzles- I hate crosswords and other such things, but I figured I should try soduko because it’s printed daily in my Globe & Mail.

Last night after giving up on soduko I still needed to feel productive. So I baked some cupcakes and challenged my roommates to a game of “try and name all 50 American states”. There were five of us playing, and it got quite schizophrenic by the end. Alex got the most, naming 48; the rest of us were in the low 40s.

Pretty impressive for a group of stoned Canadian girls eating cupcakes.

The states I missed were: Delaware, Maryland, Wisconsin, Missouri, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Indiana, Minnesota, and Mississippi.

How many states can Americans name off-hand? Do you have to memorize them in grade school or something? And what about learning to spell them all? Wheeeew!

Actually, my challenge for foreigners is: how many Canadian provinces and territories can you name? (And do you even know what the total number is?) I’ll give you a cupcake if you don’t cheat.