Thursday, November 17

It's only when I look at pictures from first-year that I realize the full extent of just how much has changed since I started university.

Today I was scheduled to sit for my grad photos. But some of the other dates were cancelled and so I switched my time to the first week of December. This gives me time to decide what to wear, because I refuse to do the collared shirt thing. I don't even own a white collared shirt, nor do I ever plan on it. So why should I be remembered as wearing one the winter before I graduate?

Also I need to decide what to do with my hair. I feel like I need to get it cut more layery-curly (yes, my hairdresser can cut my bone-straight hair into curls: he's magic) but I don't think I can make it in to Toronto for an appointment. My hair seems to be ridiculously long right now. Maybe I should just dye it, but even that I am slightly unsure about.

UPDATE: I just googled "graduation portrait" and saw some nice examples of girls in collared shirts. Like the photos of 1940s women graduating from medical school, with pin curls and cute smiles, wearing a large stiff collar. It's the floppy corners that ruin the look. This might make me reconsider the white dress shirt. I don't know.