Monday, November 28

Okay I sometimes steal. But I like to think of it as borrowing. I will steal your salad dressing if you're not home, use some of your milk, and sneak a spoonful of your delish jam for my bagle.

If I shared a shower with anyone I would steal her shampoos and conditioners. But I have my own en suite, so instead I have amassed a huge collection of half-full bottles. I am unable, you see, to use the same product two days in a row. I wish I had more unique products to select from on those mornings where I feel bored with my own purchases.

However, I will not steal the microwave belonging to my former roommate. She can come back and pick that one up (even though we haven't talked since she moved out) because I and the other five girls in this house will not pay her the "$75" it is "worth".

But I do steal pens. The ones that are abandonded on classroom desks at the end of a day. I love pens, I always make sure to have one with me at all times. For inspiration. And bathroom wall grafitti.

I always download music. I guess that's stealing. But not if it comes from places like MOKB and swedesplease, I tell myself.