Tuesday, November 8

What I would really like is for there to be a weather website that tells you how today's weather relates to yesterday's.

Because knowing that it will rain next Thursday is not helpful when I am wearing a sweater and jeans for the second sunny day in a row.

That happened twice last week, when I was up early each morning and judged the 8am bitter chill as the average November temperature for the day. But by noon it would get warm and then I would be bitter, not only because I missed out the tee-shirt and skirt weather (also known as, show off your new slouchy leather boots weather) but also because I was forced to carry my jacket around like a drip.

This would be so easy to remedy if the weather people could just help out.
"Today: exactly like yesterday, but a bit sunnier! Don't wear a scarf!"

Okay, asking for fashion tips is a bit much. However I will point out that last Spring I was obsessed with the "fitness" forecast on Weather.com because it told me how much warm clothing was necessary each day. I have since become fond of peering out my window and determining my layering from the students that walk by. (But I don't trust kinesiology students- they are always in shorts on cold days or hoodies when it's sunny out. Odd.)