Wednesday, December 7

I was just sent pictures of a strip-show.

But not just any naked-girl-sitting-on-a-guy's-face set of photos, no no. Rather, these pictures were of kids from my very own school. And because it is only frosh who take pictures of every stupid thing they do, the pictures are from inside one of the residences on campus.

Which coincidentally is the residence that I had once lived in.

And because one always has to be concerned with the way her former residence is acting (a strong tradition of slutty partying is an important thing to encourage in first-years! ) I forwarded the email to all my friends. It will without a doubt be sent through our entire school and alumni before tomorrow night. Maybe it will even spread across the country.

Luckily the pictures come with an explanation: Boys wanted to have a stripper in their rez room for a birthday party. A friend suggested asking girls in the residence to do it. They found a girl two floors down who didn't mind getting naked for the camera and was happy to perform for free. Really?! Really.

But good for her, willing to be forever labeled as stripper frosh. Her lack of concern at being filmed naked, filmed sitting on a guy's face, and filmed having her nipples licked while smiling into the camera is quite humbling. It's something not a lot of students are doing today: things have become way too focused on academics. Her photos certainly cause my debaucherous past to pale in comparison, though I can't say I didn't try.

Also: I really want to see how the administration will reply to this. Last year they got slightly upset when a porn was filmed off-campus, so how will this high profile on-campus strip show fare?

UPDATE!! Now you can view the pictures too! Captain Bee has posted them for all to see.