Thursday, December 8

One of my friends, a former classmate and recent graduate, is currently working at your typical office-corporate job. But two years ago he lived around the corner from my house, we smoked joints every day, went to the bar instead of studying, and basically lived the lives of functioning slackers.

And yet, he knew where he wanted to work after graduation (public relations for a major tech company) and succeeded in getting the job before classes ended.

A job which now means he's an 8-6er with loads of responsibility and stresses. In the summer I would start a night of drinking at the same time he had to be in bed. When he comes to visit on the weekends he has to spend the afternoon working on his laptop.

But despite all this, I thought he was doing incredible: he was like my little case study on what happens when you have to grow up and enter the real world. His success and stability was soothing.

Now he tells me he is thinking of leaving it all and changing career paths completly to work in the labour industry. And for some reason, I was startled by the idea, and so he thinks I am being unsupportive.

I'm not! I'm just freaked out because he is my case study; my proof that difficult jobs are manageable. He works 50-60 hours a week and I see how hard it is, but he still can do it and that motivates me. It keeps my quarter-life-crisis in check.

Something which really is necessary this time of year. Because with internship applications and job listings popping up daily, this whole growing-up thing is becoming more and more real.