Tuesday, August 22

I am never going to attempt to address all of the contradictory complaints that have been made about this blog (ranging from “you’re too slutty!” and “you don’t write about sex enough!” to “this is soo boring, talk more about partying!” and “Paige is an alcoholic—start acting like an adult!”) because no matter what I post, someone will comment a request for change in content.

I will, however, acknowledge that yes, the things I write about now are very different from the things I wrote about then. I have been going through transitions of habit and pastime recently—some which may provide interesting content and some which may result in the censoring of interesting content.

Anyways. It has been almost sixty days since I started my job. The summer students are now quitting work to go back to school and I am wondering if the cute girl on my bus will still be there in September, among other things.

While knowing I have been waking up at six am for two months is shocking, what’s even more interesting is that I’m not craving school as much as I thought I would be. Okay, I do miss classes and having my own house and fun professors and lectures and reading media theory and my culturally-savvy friends!

But I certainly don’t miss students (in general), being poor, the need to ‘pre-drink’, and feeling like I was in some sort of life-purgatory. And I definitely don’t miss London, Ontario and its never ending Top-40-mall-shopping-frat-boy mentality.

Perhaps I have been much too influenced by recent readings of American Psycho and Bourdieu, but I am enamored with post-student-life and its potential for distance from necessity.