Sunday, September 17

Dear Paige:

Some reflections on your first working September?

I love wearing my mini-trench (the suddenly-favourite fall trend) and feeling chic on the way to work each morning. I hate unlocking myself from the boyfriend’s arms at 6am and crawling out of his very-warm bed.

I also hate all the students that have suddenly swarmed my morning commute. Not the university kids—ha ha, like they’d be out before 8am!—but the private high schoolers with the twenty pound backpacks and obnoxious iPods. It makes me feel totally ancient but MUST you play your Eminem that loud? And also: my patent-leather pumps do not appreciate it when you carelessly drop your bags on my feet.

I love having manicured nails. My nails are, for the first time ever, permanently long and healthy and gorgeous. It’s part of my job: Secretaries are supposed to file their nails to perfection when not making phone calls or drafting memos, oui?

I totally enjoy the fact that working keeps me skinny: gone are the late-night munchies and midday stress-induced eating binges. Instead, I spend my day running flights of stairs (in the aforementioned heels, mind you) and consider double-short soy cappuccinos my biggest craving. Go figure.

I love that cinq-a-sept has taken on a new and crucial meaning for me, but I hate the amount of time I spend thinking about my first post-work cocktail. I love justifying things with an ironic “well I’m a young professional, that’s what we do!” and I also love the “we’re working women!” dinners out that my girlfriends and I have started.

Verdict so far: working... it’s not so bad.