Thursday, September 14

Dilemmas Au Courante:

- Do I buy the Canon PowerShot SD30 digital camera (in violet, of course) or the tacky-hot white Sony Cybershot DSC-W30W? Or is there some other fabulous camera perfect for photographing a European holiday that I have overlooked?

- Where can I spend the night in Paris and why is the last weekend of September so popular? Apparently waiting on my hotel-bookings was not so wise: everything good/cheap is taken! I really want to be in the 4√®me arrondissement, but there is nothing under EU$100 available. Actually, there is nothing in arrondissement 1 through 6... and I don’t want to be anywhere else. Only solution: suck it up and just pay for the hotel you want. (I justify it by reminding myself I’ve spent twice that amount on a pair of jeans.)

- Is the new British man in my office being flirty or is this what they call sexual harassment? He just transferred from the Southern US and has taken to MSNing me winky faces and calling me “sweetie” “gorgeous” and “the beautiful PA”. I name-drop my boyfriend but don’t really know how else to respond. At least I don’t work for him.

- MuchMusic is auditioning for a new VJ in a few weeks. And it’s not VJ-Search styles. Should I go to the open call?