Tuesday, September 26

Skinny pants! Oh, they kill me! I want every pant I wear to produce the same slinky look, the same cute knee-to-ankle concave silhouette. After a few months of skinny, I have become addicted--I love them in a total trend way: it’s half intuitive and half ingrained.

But I really really enjoy the look because skinny pants get such a rise out of the trend-shunners. (It’s not that they aren’t aware of what’s in style, it’s that they are incapable of letting their subconscious mature and mold a trend to fit their own personal aesthetics. Or maybe they forget that “non-conformity” has become the new conformity. Hmm.)

I assume that the pants are mostly hated-on for their teeny shape. However, I would argue that there are a lot of other styles not at all intended for larger bodies and yet they seem to be coveted and worn in excess, no problem. (See: tube tops, stretch-denim, bikinis, and cut-offs.) Actually, there are a lot of styles which only flatter certain body types and we easily accept their limits. Perhaps it is the obvious exclusive nature of the skinny pant and the inherent reference to thinness in the name which irks people so much. Perhaps they need to redirect their fashion-hate to actual ugly things, like Croc shoe-clogs.

If skinny pants are no longer in style when I get to Europe (please note use of irony in assuming a trip to a half-dozen cities represents an entire continent and its sensibilities) I will be very upset. Sure, I can imagine that, like most things, this change in fashion will not translate across the Atlantic for a few more months, but when you’re aware that a trend has spoiled wearing it becomes much less pleasurable. So please please please be good to go for at least one more season, skinny pants. You simply just make me too happy.