Wednesday, September 6

Someone is selling two unopened packages of birth control patches for $20 on Craigslist. (Curiously filed under “clothing and accessories” but I suppose technically you are wearing them…) I think this is totally creepy and gross, but when I joked about it to a male friend he thought there was nothing wrong with it. Really??

He pointed out that I do a lot of risky things based on the trust of strangers (I did find that Fruit & Nut bar in a snow bank…) but still. If there is a line, buying someone’s unwanted birth control certainly crosses it.

Why not give it to a friend or donate it to a women’s health clinic? Or just save it for future use—every girl has had one of those throwing-everything-out-of-cupboards-and-drawers-looking-for-that-forgotten-pack-of-bc days. So, don’t be creepy on the internet, be prepared!

Also, the ad mentions that she’s selling the patches because “talk of babies” came up. This might sound totally bitchy (what else is new?) but if you’re that in need of an extra $20, perhaps now is not the right time to be creating another human being.