Thursday, November 30

I am not home very frequently—between working and day/nights spent with the boyfriend my house resembles more of a hotel, a pit stop, than a place of residence. This unconditional hospitality is one of the reasons I have not yet moved out. (Other reasons include: laundry service, my sister, home-cooked dinners, too-convenient location, and use of car. Oh, and saving money…) But I’m home tonight and sitting in my bedroom and I must confirm that, yep, my house is predominantly just the place I keep all my clothing.

It’s everywhere. I can’t contain all the clothes—the things!—that I have anymore, and so I’ve opted for a sort of basket-floor pile combo to take care of the overflow from my closet. This situation has occurred for a few reasons. When I moved back home my sister took all my university furniture (it matched her décor) and I just assumed my pre-post secondary bedroom would suit my storage needs.

And it did, until I started working and had to amass a whole other wardrobe of office-savvy clothing. Which then lead to my purchasing of many “when I’m not working” items. Which then lead to winter, when all clothing becomes much more larger in size and storage requirements. And, accordingly, we are now at my current state of baskets and piles.

The worst part is that I thought I had less. I threw out/donated so much stuff when I moved back here in April and was so impressed with my new, smaller collection of things. But now I look around and know that I have to get another purge session in order.

Because I have a hidden organizational plan. A solution. I have decided that my parents need to turn the spare bedroom/mom’s office into one giant walk-in closet. Genius, no? My sister is also pro-massive closet. Her approach to clothing is very Veronica Lodge: many, many items purchased for few-time-use, which I then adopt in true Betty Cooper style. So a combined closet makes total logical sense.

The first time we suggested it the parents smiled and nodded, and continued in their own conversation. We might have to take this into our own hands. Perhaps draft a plan outlining where shoe rack A and coat hangers B will go. We’ll even provide space for them to store their own various excess items. It’ll be like we’re doing them a favour. And with that much planning going into an organized way for keeping our rooms clean, I don’t see how they can turn us down.