Wednesday, November 29

It's a key week for Paige! (Har.)

Today I was given my key to the office. Something which I only realized was necessary when I got locked out last night. Whenever I leave the building I exit through the back door, which is self-locking, and return through the front. However last night when I tried to get in the front door I found that the receptionist had left for the day and closed up. Some humble knocking and a few sore knuckles later, I got back inside (thanks to a confused late-working design department) and so today I was provided with my own key.

Actually, that isn't as embarrassing as when I entered the parking garage on my first day. The pass-swipe machine is at a very awkward angle and requires some crafty maneuvering to get close enough to. Needless to say, on my first try the car was yards away and I had to open the door and actually get out. While a line-up vehicles belonging to still unknown coworkers was growing behind me. In classic Paige style, I tried my best to act breezy while swiping the card...but instead had a little too much gusto and the card momentously exited the scanner and went sailing through the air. Lesson learned: there is no way to act breezy while scrambling in pumps across asphalt.

Ah! So back to keys. On Saturday I was doing my usual mid-afternoon marathon of watching Flip That House (among other favourite home/real estate shows) from the boyfriend's couch while he was being his lovely self and grabbing us some Starbucks. When I heard him return home and try to open the door there was an unusual amount of lock twisting and struggling. I rushed over to help and opened the door.

"Oh! My key is stuck!" he exclaimed. "No, wait a second... this isn't my key!"
I squealed and he handed over a shiny new (and pink!) key to his house. Very cute trick, indeed.