Monday, December 11

Back in late October I started feeling totally out of seasonal sorts. It’s a feeling I can only describe as being so weirdly disconnected that it takes more than a few seconds to realize what time of year it is. (June? Wait. December? Huh..?!) Anyway, I blamed my seasonal confusion on two things:

First, the lack of going-back-to-school meant that, for all intents and purposes, my summer was still a-going. Without texts to read and papers to write it seemed like I was living in a very endless season.

Then I missed the other major indicator of fall when my European holiday happened at the same time as Thanksgiving. (I did not, however, miss out on delicious food as the boyfriend cooked an incredible turkey dinner with all the trimmings the weekend I returned home. Awe!)

In an effort to combat this lack of connection to the current season I decided to get prematurely gung-ho for winter. I broke out cold weather wear as soon as the temperature dropped, eagerly checked for snowfall every morning, and put up Christmas lights at the boyfriend’s house weeks ago.

But, alas, my plans have been foiled because apparently I won’t really be celebrating Christmas this year. My family has opted out of the holiday: we’re skipping the traditional festivities and escaping to the sunny beaches of Cuba for a week.

So, always one to adapt, I’ve decided that this retreat is just what my seasonally-challenged mind really needs. Because skipping Christmas is, as far as I can tell, the best idea ever. No presents, no planning family parties, no last-minute-insanity—just pina coladas and bikinis and lobster for X-mas dinner! And back home in time for New Year’s Eve, a holiday which is much more date-focused. Let the countdown begin…!