Thursday, January 11

I’m 23 today!

And so, some thoughts on older women I’ve recently encountered:

Why are so many of the women in my office building unable to notice I am occupying a washroom stall? Instead they opt to slam up against the locked door and then mumble a ‘sorry’ before going to the next, empty one. Then we always have awkward small talk at the sink. Sigh. Am I the only one who does a through-the-crack (ha!) peek before attempting to enter?

I also don't understand the resolution newbies at my gym who circle the change room at peak times in hopes of an unused locker. I'm forced to constantly dodge their sudden movements and overstuffed Lulu bags because one after another they open the same un-locked-but-full lockers, thinking that magically a free one will appear. Ladies. I know you all drive to the gym—leave your valuables in the car and put your coat on a shelf like the rest of us. No one is going to steal your Aerosols while you stretch.