Friday, February 2

So on Wednesday night I went to the preview party for, as did pretty much every other blogger in Toronto. While I usually never act on the random PR invites that show up in my inbox, this event was being coordinated by a big firm and the website was backed by Alliance Atlantis. That and the promise of an open bar was enough to make me decide to RSVP.

While I had spent the week leading up to the event wondering if Canada actually had any use for a "YouTube style website of its own", I forgot all my reservations once the boyfriend and I arrived at the party. I've said it before and I'll say it again: PR and advertising people—I am your dream market! Give me some VIP treatment and slip a few drink tickets into my hand (made more effective by my choosing to spend lunch hour that day cruising around in my new car rather than eating) and I'll instantly be enamored by whatever product you are promoting.

Okay that's not completely true. Had the launch been for some newsletter or book I would have been mildly impressed but not entertained. This party, however, had a number of very fun people in attendance and included multiple computer stations with webcams for live broadcasting on the site. Hilarious people + webcams + open bar are what actually make a good event. (And the gift bags with webcams for all in attendance didn't hurt either.)

So that's my event planning lesson for today. And now a question for you. Is nothing more than Alliance Atlantis's former reality-style TV show U8TV without the Loft and Lofters? Fuck, I loved that show. (What young Torontonian didn't want to be in the Loft?) That's really what I'd like to see in Canada: more quirky and provocative reality TV programming—not more of this "Generation YOU" stuff.

Because when it comes down to it, the best content online is the stuff that's produced by people with the means to set up their own hosting. The YouTubes of the internet merely drive traffic en masse. And even that becomes an afterthought once the content is picked up and linked by the top tastemaking sites of the internet. So what I'm trying to say is, at the very least could we get some U8TV season one up on Dailymotion? And if anyone's so inclined to bring a similar show back to air, I bet in this internet savvy era it'd pick up a lot more traffic than any individual broadcast on ever will.