Monday, February 25

IDS08 - designLIVE

It’s not fair to call it a booth: the designLIVE rooms were one of the main attractions at the Interior Design show this past weekend, complete with a velvet roped queue. (And a 10pm curfew, as Sarah and I found out during the later hours of the opening night gala.)

First up: Brian Gluckstein’s smoky-elegant living room, complete with faux library.

The colours! I’m so into purples and greys right now—during a getting-dressed frenzy the other night I noticed that the pile forming on my bed was almost entirely dove grey and mauve. My walls? Painted the perfectly-named shade “chinchilla white”. But how to make it all look like a room you'd expect to see Blair Waldorf lounging in?

Oh, hello chair. Do you know how perfect you would be for my bedroom?

The one thing lacking in the designLIVING rooms was a guide all the objects and elements. I suppose that's the point, though. You get really into something like this red table, call Gluckstein up to ask about it, and next thing you know the whole house is redecorated.

On a whole, Lynda Reeves’ City Loft room design did not impress. Much too cluttered, with colours, prints, and art from different eras. (Zebra! Hot Pink! Oriental Art! Rattan!) I think she was going for the eclectic feel that Woodson and Rummerfield do so well—but something was just off. The room was a distracting mess.

Separately, though, there were some great pieces.

Kartell’s Louis Ghost Chair is a perfect match for this unassuming vanity. But that awkward candelabra sitting on the floor has to go...

Conran's orange enamel enamors Sarah.

And last, Sarah Richardson’s rooms, which, to no surprise were flawless. The cozy retreat had all her signature touches: perfectly paired textiles, custom upholstered items, and a modern-whimsical aesthetic. It was just like walking through an episode of Design Inc.

Yes, that’s right. Birds. The sofa is upholstered in bird silhouettes. This makes me never want anything in a solid ever again. Say what you might about woodland-chic being over—this is a perfect twist to the look. And the bone table! Certainly an acceptable antler-related item to covet.

Come to think of it, I wonder what happens to these pieces now that the show is over...